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Video Conferencing


What is Video Conferencing?

According to Wikipedia.com, video conference is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. It has also been called visual collaboration and is a type of groupware. It differs from videophone in that it is designed to serve a conference rather than individuals.


What is the history behind Video Conferencing?

-Believe it or not video conferencing is 44 years old!

-It was first used in New York in 1964.

-When video technology first arrived it was extremely costly.

-In 1991 IBM introduced PicTel, which was an earlier form of video conferencing that cost $20,000. YIKES!!!

-Today we can enjoy free video conferencing via Yahoo, MSN, and AIM.


How can this technology be used in the "real world"?

Video conferencing can be entertaining, and can be used for both professional and personal use.

Other uses can include:






How can I use this technology in the classroom?

Teachers can use video conferencing to teach a variety of subjects to their students.

A teacher could use this technology to show students a part of the world they not have ever seen before.

Students can also be given an opportunity to experience different wildlife, cultures and interactions that are only possible using video communication.


How do I use video conferencing?

Aim, Yahoo, and Msn all offer different versions of video conferencing that can be used at home.

For this class we will be using iChat with our Aim sign-in names and passwords.

To get to iChat from the pc side:

Click on START.



Then, select iChat.


What do I need to video conference using iChat?

First you will need to go to www.aim.com and create a Screen name and password.
Click on “Get a screen name”, Follow directions and submit.
Next you click on iChat.
For first time use you need to change account type to “aim” and then enter your screen name and password.
If you need to change accounts, go to iChat preferences.
You may also need a lab assistant to type in a security code for you.
After you have logged in, your buddy list will pop up.
You can see available friends.
To start the video conference, Click on a friend and press the green camera button.
You must wait for a friend to accept your request.
To accept a request from someone else, simply click the “Accept” button.
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