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 SMART Boards

by: Sundae Overturf & Stephanie Souder

What is a SMART Board?

  • A SMART Board is a large touch controlled screen that works with a projector and a computer.
  • The projector projects the desktop image onto the interactive whiteboard
  • The touch sensitive whiteboard connects to your computer.
  • You can control applications directly, write notes, teach lessons, have students participate, and save your work.

History of SMART Boards:

  • The first interactive SMART Board was made in 1991 by SMART Technologies.
  • In 1992 SMART Technologies collaberated with INTEL Corporations which helped fund further development of the SMART Board.
  • The first SMART Boards faced many challenges, including low speed monitors, unstable software, and slow processors with little graphic capability.

How can SMART Boards be used in the classroom?

  • One of the big advantages of SMART Boards is their interactive capabilites.
  • Teachers can use advanced computer applications without being stuck behind a computer desk.
  • Students can interact with the lessons being taught.
  • Notes can be written just as they would be on a normal whiteboard, but can additionally be edited and saved for later use.

How to use a SMART Board:

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Powerpoint:  Smartboard.pptx

Here are a few interactive websites with ideas for using SMART Boards in the classroom

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