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So what is Skype?

First of all Skype is FREE!! It is an easy and fun way to communicate with others down the street or even across the world. With a simple connection of a computer, internet, and webcam you can simply chat and send files back and fourth from your computer to a friends, teachers, or even a student! Do you have a loved one who live in a different state or even a different country? Well Skype is your solution. You can video chat with anyone on your friends list, any day, any time all for free!




History of Skype

Skype was created by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis in 2003. Since then it has created a great commotion and is being used all over the world in the privacy of people's homes and in the classroom.




How can we use Skype in the classroom?

  1. Many teachers are using Skype in the classrooms as a way to learn a foreign language. How you may ask? Teachers are connecting with other teachings in classrooms from different countries such as Spain. Your students can then video conference with a student from Spain to help them master a language.


  1. You can conduct the class even after the school day. Skype allows teachers to send out a message to all of his/her students regarding assignments and upcoming events. As a teacher you can send files from teacher to teacher to to share lesson plans. Students can also succeed from this innovation because it allows students to share and send a file to their teacher.


  1. Does your student need help with homework? A student can receive help for their homework from another student, teacher, librarian, or even a family member. It is a fun and easy way to get help on homework.




Resource to download skype:

The following website allows you to chose what computer system you are using and walks you through how to download the software



After download Skype, you can access this website to learn how to add friends, video conference, and how to enable your chat.



If you are a visual learner the following link will direct you to YouTube and allow you to watch a step by step video on how to download and access the different functions of skype.




Here are some great articles about Skype














Here is the Powerpoint that was presented in class and can further your experience with Skype




All about Skype!!


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