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What is Podcasting?

  -"A pre-recorded audio program that's posted to a website and is made available for download so people can listen to them on personal computers or mobile devices." - Entrepreneur.com




  -Term is derived from "iPod" (from Apple), and term "broadcast" meaning the act of receiving information and leisure content on the radio/television.  The two words emerged and "Podcast" was born


  -Adam Curry, former MTV Video Jockey (pioneer of podcasting)

  -Dave Winer, RSS feed developer ( a group of Web feed formats used to publish content such as podcasts; makes it able for people to stay informed with websites in an automated manner that can be drawn into special programs)

  -Started through the "Daily Source Code" podcast show (consists of everyday life, events, news; oldest podcast show with over 700 episodes in February 2008)

  -Worked at ipodder.com (website including the access to DL Podcasts and more)

  -Many other developers were influence to start their own iPodders




    - Guestspeakers are made available through podcasts instead of in person due to the difficulty of scheduling.

    - Storytelling is made easier by allowing them to multitask.

    - Replace powerpoint presentations.

    - Can keep parents posted with podcasts on online newsletters.

- Subscriptions



    - Can replay lectures for later review. Can also pause and rewind making note-taking easier.

    - Can create podcasts in group projects.

    - Are able to carry out their education beyond just a classroom.

    - Can turn an iPod into an educational tool.

- Appeals to man different styles of learning



   - Not everyone has a computer at home.

   - Not designed for audience participation.

   - Not as high of quality as a professional video or radio broadcast.


4 Steps to Creating a Podcast:

Plan- What do you want? Make a script!

Record- Have fun and be creative!

Publish- Make sure its in a downloadable MP3 format.

Promote- Tell people about it!


Helpful Links:

-Resources to Future Teaching:


    Video on creating a Podcast on Garage Band



    Creating a Podcast in a classroom:



    Creating a Podcast on Windows QuickTime:




-Application to Future Teaching:














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