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Online photo sharing

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Online Photo Sharing
What is Online Photo Sharing?
-Online Photo Sharing is the use of websites such as Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr, and ImageShack to store and share photos online.
-Many of the these websites are free, however, there are some that charge for storage.
History of Online Photo Sharing
-The first Online Photo Sharing websites emerged during the mid to late 1990s. These sites existed primarily for the purpose of ordering prints online.
- During the new millenium, many more websites emerged with the goal of providing access and storage to everyone.
How can Online Photo Sharing be used in the classroom?
 Online Photo Sharing can have NUMEROUS applications in the classroom.
-Preservation of classroom work ( to show progression)

-For class projects (for example science projects; you can take picture of the steps in an experiment that you may be doing as a class. You can also take pictures of the students when they are actively engaged in the experiment.)




-These pictures can be shared with parents so that instead of hearing from their children one word of what they have learned in school on a certain day; parents can go online and use the URL that the teacher provides so that only parents can go on and view the photos and see what their child is doing throughout the day.




-Viewing pictures of school assemblies or school events. (This is a great aspect of online photosharing because if there are major school events that a parent may not be able to attend due to other important committments, then parents can feel included and see pictures of  a performance that students were in.)


-Teachers can make individual albums of students with each students picture on the front cover of the albums and teachers can store individual photos of students works, awards, etc.. in the corresponding folders. (This is great becasue parents may only wants to see their child's work and instead of them searching through all the photos they can look at the ones that have their child or their child's work.) ( Also, this is a good way to stay organized and let parents view their child's work first and then other student pictures as well) (This aspect also reassures parents that their child is involoved and of equal impotance to the class as every other student.)


 Resources for Future Learning


 (This is a short informational movie that discusses the benefits of photosharing)





 (Commoncraft is where the original youtube movie originated from. It is also great to use as a tutorials to learn how about other parts of technology e.g. web movies)



Online photosharing Sites that you can use



(this is the URL to directly downloead picasa. It directs you from there to use the program) (****Make sure you have a Gmail account before downloading or you will not be able to access picasa onine****)


- http://picasa.google.com/


- http://photobucket.com/


- http://www.flickr.com/


- http://www.shutterfly.com/





Application for Future Teaching


(This is an example of how a teacher used Picasa to display a lesson that she taught in class. She tells how the lesson is useful and took a picture so that other people could view the project/lesson)




 (Commoncraft is where the original youtube movie originated from. It is also great to use as a tutorials to learn how about other parts of technology e.g. web movies) (This is used again because it can be very helpful when trying to figure out how to use different technology applications)



(This is another example of how a teacher used onlinephotosharing for her class. She used it to take a picture of her daily adgenda so that parents can see what the teachers has planned for the students to do that day)



(This is a website that tells a little about online photosharing and the perks of it as well as some popular online photosharing sites)



(This is a great site for application for future teaching as well as for resources for future teaching because it is a great tutorial for picasa as well as other applications and it also has links to talk about inspiration, kid pix, etc..)



(This website provides an article that talk about how online photosharing promotes education)



(This is an article from an Illinois Education and Technology Conference) (This is useful because it talks about Flickr, which is an online photosharing program, and it tells how it enables teachers to do different things and how it helps in the classroom)




(This website provides a blog of how online photoshairng an be used in the classroom.  Also, it has a response part at the bottom where teachers have replied to the blogs)




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