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Electronic Gradebooks

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 What is an Electronic Gradebook?


  • An electronic grade book is a paper gradebook computerized version of a paper grade book.
  • Electronic grade books allow teachers, students, and parents to access grades from any computer with the internet available.




Brief history of Electronic gradebooks



Teachers in 1974 were still using paper grade books.

Electronic grade books were not readily available until the mid 1980's.


Pros vs. Cons on Electronic gradebooks





  • Parents can check students grades online.
  • Teachers can easily update grades.
  • Students can learn self- responsibility, by being able to keep on top of their progress
  • Saves time and paper
  • Easy way for a teacher to become familiar with technology
  • Re-useable, unlike paper grade books





  • If the file and or computer crashes, with out a back-up, grades will be lost
  • Teachers may be intimidated by new technology
  • Loading files for the electronic grade books can be time consuming
  • Having grades online could cause less verbal communication between parents/students and the teachers.
  • Teachers must have some knowledge about computers to know the right files or sites to download.
  • Security must be high to make sure tampering with the system is not an option





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